Monday, August 22, 2011

Nova is credited the win and maintaing the lead for Yankees

Dominican starter Ivan Nova pitched seven innings and outfielder Curtis Granderson and first baseman Mark Teixeira homered to lead the Yankees to a 3-0 win over the Minnesota Twins.

On the return to the field by third baseman Alex Rodriguez, who was 5-0, the Yankees won their eighth win in the last 10 games to establish themselves as leaders in the Eastern Division of the American League, a half-game lead over the Boston Red Sox.

Nova (13-4) pitched seven innings to dominate from the mound, allowing five hits, walked one and retired five strikeouts for the win.

The Dominican made 101 submissions, 63 got them perfect to leave on his 3.97 ERA after putting under control to 27 enemies.

Closer Mariano Rivera (33) is credited with launching a rescue episode, striking out two. Rivera made 10 shipments, eight directed them to the perfect area and left his ERA 2.25.

Granderson (35), Teixeira (34) homered for the Yankees.

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